How far would you go for a better planet?

If you could fly- how high would you fly?

If you could drive- how far would you drive?


Next time you think- How deep will you think?

Next time you talk- How thoughtful will your words be?


If you could change the world, how will you?


Next Time You Change The World- How far will you go?


Changing the world has nothing to do with giving out million dollars. Or donating all your clothes to people in Africa. Making a little change in your daily lifestyle with make a large change in OUR planet.


So go out and buy CFL’s( those spirally light bulbs), take shorter showers…it wont hurt to condition your hair for 2 minutes compared to 5!

For other green tips check out this site.


CFL Close-up in Black and White by kimberlyfaye.<—CFL!!!!!!!

Edublogs Mobile?

How great would it be if there was an edublogs mobile? I mean right now im typing this from my phone…which is quite hard to do on touch screen. Anyway just imagine everyone in the world with a nifty edublogs account and a nifty phone with Internet. My point is we don’t like having to scroll the pages or move the page with our screen(touchscreen users) just to be able to go and type up a blog from our phone without a hassle would be amazing. Say your at the mall and you see or do something interesting that fellow bloggers would enjoy to read but you know by the time you get home you will forget? Oh look…my phone Ill go type it out now! We all know how hard the edulog team work but I’m just wondering what you think about having a

Indian Removal Act Diary

This is a homemade fictional diary stating the life of a girl going though the Trail Of Tears Era””

Dear Netis,Today the white leeno bought our land.

It is scary to know we won’t have our own rules.
Papa has to work at Black Smith and Mamma
Today the tribe heard the worst news ever.

 Stay here with me and Minya. Minya works to help

clean and cook for leeno.
And for me… I’m just a 7 year old girl with fear

and spirit.
Dear Netis,
Its me again. Andrew Jackson is the president

and today I cried to know that he hates

Native Americans. Being a Cherokee Indian is hard.

 Mr. Jackson wants our land!  But why!?

This is our home! Is it because Igashu found gold.

I don’t understand! But there is one bright side,

Sequoyah gave us our writing and a Native

 American newspaper so at least we have that for ourselves!

 May 28, 1830

Dear Netis


Mr. Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act. So Now all of us including other tribes

 must leave our land our homes and start walking down

the Mississippi River…well that’s what I thought.

 Family filed a suit with the white men to let us stay

home, which we MUST! But Jackson I know won’t agreegiven up.

 May 1838
Dear Netis,

It has been 8 years. I am 15 now and we have

 I have now understand what is going on,

and unfortunately these have been the most


8 years of my life. It was so hard to see

the troops just come in my home and

take Minya Papa and Mamma and even me

 I had a special feather with all my

 secrets and memories buts it’s all left behind.

 Later on they shoved us into a Staging Area

 with my family…the tribe over 15,000

people were there!

 the soldiers and troops are making us

walk to Chattanooga

up through Murfreesboro, Nashville, and Clarksville

and into Kentucky, enrooted to present-day


Netis, you may be wondering how I have you still.

Well when they took us I was writing to u and never

 let go, so now every time I get a chance I write to you.

But Now I must go…que-hi-tla i-mi-qu i-di-ma-gi-tla

 lo-ho i-ge-nah-tla.

 Yepa- The Snow Girl


 Thanks this is completley made by me, so no stealing without permission, Thanks!©

Actions Speak Louder Than Intentions?

A heavy thought was brought to me today. How do you define a person? Do you look at their actions or their intentions?
Today I read a post by Diane Cordell about something that happened at her school. A small incident that required- intentions or actions. The story is about their school news paper. There was a graphic image that was posted on the front page, and for this the publisher did not send the newspaper to the school, but the reason that Diane did not appreciate this was because they pay for the newspaper so shouldnt it still be delivered.  I feel there is no reason to remove the newspaper from a school. The faculty made an effort to contact the publisher. But what is the publishers side?
His actions spoke louder than intensions. So what if he said he didnt deicde, or he thought the photo was objectable and THOUGHT it was innapropiate for the school. But I feel that it was not his position to reomve the newspaper. The publisher also (quote on quote) said “Our plan was to call the schools and ask if you would like them delivered after you had a chance to see the photo” but the he/she did not contact them(which was his intentions) but no one looks at his/her intentions, they looked if he did call( his actions).
So I’m going to leave you here. What do you think? Did his actions speak louder than his intentions?
How do you define a person by their intentions or their actions?
I say… Actions truly do speak louder than intentions.
Check out Diane’s post here

My Random Act Of Kindness

My random act of kindness today was helping an elder women at the grocery store.

[ By The Way This Is A True Story]

Its nothing big, but. This old lady was pushing around her grocery kart and it got stuck on the corner edge of the grocery lane… I don’t know how to explain that, anyway, her cart got stuck and no one was helping her so I walked by and I felt bad because it was barley stuck but I felt SOOO bad so I was all like Would you like some help, and she said No its okay and I was all like its all right and i like pushed t and I was unstuck. Nothing special but She said thank you and smiled and that was when I knew it was a random act of kindness.

My Wonderful Place

My wonderful place is a pirate ship. Sound funky, yes, yes, I know. Well, so it doesn’t sound funky here’s the story behind it.

Ive been going to this campground called Hammonasset State Park. This is my summer home. In that home there is a park, with a pirate ship in the sand, here is the place were I live.

I’m always there with my friends, and its weird because it is grafittied up, sticky, old, wow this list can go forever, but yet it is my memory.

[In the summer] I go there in the morning i would call up my best friend Julia and say ” Hey meet up at the pirate ship” be she always says ” Look over here I’m There” and when I look over i see 10 of my best friends and each day i meet someone new.

Sometimes I walk alone but I’m always with someone. This is just my happy place. =]

A Social Studies Amusement Park

Being In social studies class with Mr.Bogush is like being in an amusement park.

Its soooo fun to be at, especially when your with your friends and still learning! Sometimes it just seems to crowded like the entrance of six flags, and you cant get a parking spot. This is like trying to get a seat next to your friends, but toward the end you still get to enjoy the all the rides everyone else does.

Imagine Being at the top of a roller coaster ride and *WHAM* you go down that hill your freaked out because it just happens, that’s how I feel a lot with projects but once were going it is so worth it.

Unfortunately you don’t get any of the yummy cotton candy, Carmel apples, or fries…you get school lunch you. You just cant Compare the two.


So far one of the funnest experiences I’ve had were recently. We were asked to do a 2 minute presented project on the war of 1812. So, me and my friends made this crazy idea to make a rap music video about it, and I remember so much… here’s a line that I remember:

” Jefferson and congress passed embargo,

So then foreign nations couldn’t trade cargo,

cus of this New York and New England’s.

trades were so aflinged? say what?

They were in trouble.

They relied yet so heavily causing congress to repeal and replace.”

That was my line so now I know all about the war of 1812!


So everyone come check it it, this is a 5 Star Amusement park. =]

Crank-Ellen Hopkins is an AMAZING book!

So, Im reading this book called “Crank”, my friend Asia was reading it who’s friend Sam let her read it, so now I’m reading it!

It is about this one girl Kristina AKA Bree who moved to a small hick town with her dad for a summer and met one a cute guy, who unfortunately got her into heavy drugs, that side of her is called Bree. The good girl side of her is Kristina, the girl who seems to just say no and not take a chance.

This book get 2 thumbs and 2 toes up! I would not even recommend this to anyone under the age of 13 or someone who cant handle maturity(there are explicit parts). The

The Pages are set up quite weird…they kinda look like this.



           In Really weird angles




             Get Confused!

Thats all I can say go read it!!!!

My Kitten XD

My kittens name is Baby. It is a very… special cat. We thought he was a girl but he was really a he. Kinda Funny! Baby is SOOOO weird. Like you know how dogs chase their tails right? Well my kitten does that. Oh and the Vet thought he was Deaf but he can hear perfectly. For example one time I was sitting at my dinning room table and my Step Mom puts down my food and here the sleeping cat comes from upstairs and jumps on my food and starts to try and eat it. Baby is obsessed with people food its like he has a camera on you and is like…” Look my owners have food, lemme steal it! MEOW!” Hes just crazy.

Also baby just loves loves loves to bite, he will chew up your hand like he chews up his food! He also enjoys plaing with the pointer on the computer screen =x. He really weird.

Other Weird Habits? YES


Likes to Sleep on your face

Attack his reflection                          


Likes playing with his own

paws on the copier                                             

 And That’s All I can think of!

Hes like 5 months old, and I love him with all my heart!

A Simple Hello

 Doesnt matter how you say it, what language you say it in, or even were or when you say it, a simple hello is the strongest thing you can say to a person. Imagine living your life alone, you feel no one hears so, listen to yous, you don’t even exist, and then your walking on the streets and someone walks by and says,” Hello”. That hello made one HUGE difference. It says ” I know your here”, ” I see you”,” I want to see a smile.”

When saying hello it just is like.. you notice me… and you may not realize but when you say “Hello” to someone you smile. 🙂


Reactions to a hello can be like:

“Why are you talking to me?”

“Thank You and hello you too.”


I don’t know about y’all but when someone says hello to me I smile, maybe not physically, but emotionally.