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How great would it be if there was an edublogs mobile? I mean right now im typing this from my phone…which is quite hard to do on touch screen. Anyway just imagine everyone in the world with a nifty edublogs account and a nifty phone with Internet. My point is we don’t like having to scroll the pages or move the page with our screen(touchscreen users) just to be able to go and type up a blog from our phone without a hassle would be amazing. Say your at the mall and you see or do something interesting that fellow bloggers would enjoy to read but you know by the time you get home you will forget? Oh look…my phone Ill go type it out now! We all know how hard the edulog team work but I’m just wondering what you think about having a

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  1. Heya Julya, I did respond to your teacher, Paul, via twitter when he sent me the message about your post but perhaps he missed my response so thanks for reminding me.

    Here is my explanation.

    I have discussed mobile plugins with James Farmer, founder of Edublogs, previously as it would be popular with many of our users.

    The challenges of plugins is Edublogs uses WordPress Mu (WordPress Mulituser). Most of the plugins that work fine on WordPress don’t on WordPress MU, and some can cause lots of problems. Before any plugin can be added to Edublogs we have to do extensive testing on a WordPress Mu installation. If that works fine than we test on Edublogs test site before introducing to Edublogs.

    Unfortunately this makes it a lengthy process. If you are interested in speeding up the process you could read up about the different mobile plugins available for WordPress and let us know which ones you think are mostly likely best suited for you needs.

    But you are aware that you can write blog posts on your itouch using WordPress for iphone? I’m sure that should work for you.

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